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Ritamulse SCG Emulsifying Wax 1 Lb
Ritamulse SCG Emulsifying Wax 1 Lb
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Ritamulse SCG Emulsifying Wax

Ritamulse SCG is a plant-derived ECO-CERT emulsifying wax for creating oil-in-water emulsions.
Ritamulse SCG Emulsifying Wax is an all natural with no ethoxylated ingredients. Ritamulse SCG is based on acyl lactylates, which are conditioning in  both hair and skin care products. It is a viscosity enhancer and emulsion stabilizer for use in all kinds of  lotions and creams, liquid soaps, bath oils, lip balms and sticks, and scrubs. It is a balanced complete and very desirable emulsification system.

Anionic lactylates, which is what Ritamulse SCG is based on, and  produced by a patented process to react an acyl group of fatty acids and lactic acid. Lactic acid and fatty acids are natural moisturizing factor (NMF) constituents that are found in the skin. The lactylates are excellent viscosity enhancers, stabilizers, and conditioners.

When used in lotions and creams, it will provide what many refer to as a moisturizing,  soft, talc-like feel to skin.  Note, because this is based on anionic lactylates, it does not conform to the HLB system for non-ionic surfactants and no HLB number has been determined by the manufacturer. 

Ritamulse SCG is derived from and manufactured using raw materials that are completely GMO-free


  • Vegetable derived
  • Can emulsify up to 25% oils in a formulation.
  • Lotions made with Ritamulse SCG are generally thicker than lotions made with other emulsifiers
  • Gluten Free
  • Ideal pH range is 5 - 7.5
  • Recommended Usage Range: 2% - 10%
  • Avoid using cationic ingredientts like Incroquat as these are incompatibe

Typical usage rates:  2 - 10%

Appearance:  Off White Flakes
Solubility:  Soluble in oil

INCI:  Glyceryl Stearate (and) Cetearyl Alcohol (and) Sodium Stearyl Lactylate

Also known as : ECOMulse, Ritamulse SCG, Emulsimulse

1 Lb Size

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