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Neon Color 4 Set
Neon Color 4 Set
Item# Fluor-4set

Our Neon Fun 4 Color Set. Our Top selling Neon / Fluorescent Colors In this 4 - Set.

4 Great Neon Colors in one Set

Choose the 1 Oz or 4 Oz Set.

When you choose our 1 Oz size you receive 1 Oz EACH of all colors listed in the Set (see below) Or, choose the 4 oz size to receive 4 Ounces EACH color listed in Set.

Our top selling Neon / Fluorescent Colors in this set!
  • Pink (Polyester-3, Red 28 )
  • Orange (Polyester-3- Yellow 5)
  • Blue (Polyester-3- Ultramarine Blue)
  • Green-Yellow (Polyester-3- Yellow 5)

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