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Food Safe Plastic Stacking Trays (8 Count) with Dolly
Food Safe Plastic Stacking Trays (8 Count) with Dolly
Item# Stacking_Trays8_with_Dolly

Durable NSF Food Contact Approved High Density Plastic Vented Trays

Set of Eight (8) Trays with the food safe, durable dolly with durable locking casters.

This set is a set of 8 (eight) 4 inch tall stackable NSF food-grade plastic trays and a base dolly. The trays have the patented vents, that make curing product a little easier and quicker than many other options.

Heavy duty set is sturdy and a great performing for any kinds of demands you have. Whether you manufacture bakery products, make soap, or even confectioneries - these food safe stack-able racks on the top quality dollies with steel ball bearing construction will help you organize, store, and easily transport your creations and wares.

So many uses for these handy vented trays:

  • Soap Making -Great for curing soap! Lay out your fresh soap loaves on the vented trays to cure. Exclusive vented design helps reduce curing time in addition to making it easy to move soap. Save your time - no turning the loaves or bars to cure.
  • Confectioners and candy making - easy to set and store your creations and keep them up safe. Approved Food grade durable high strength materials.
  • Bakery use- tough enough for demanding work storing and moving breads, dough and more. Excellent for dough proof tray (request by email the solid tray instead of vented)
  • Drying herbs, spices and flowers. Most top quality herbs and botanicals need to cure in a controlled environment - not outside. Our specially engineered vented trays are excellent for maintaining the best quality control for drying herbs and botanicals.
  • Curing and Drying bath Bombs. What a great way to store and cure bath bombs till your beautiful creations are ready for being packaged and displayed.

    Choose the ChemConx Trays and Dollies:

  • Our ChemConx trays and dollies are made from the best quality food safe and NSF Approved high density, durable plastics. They are durable enough for just about any work environment.
  • Easy to use, ergonomically designed trays and dollies are easy to clean, no sticking, with excellent release characteristics.
  • Saves Space! Our easy to use racks can be stacked high!

  • Dimensions: 4 Inch tray height. 14.25 Inches width. 30.75 inches long on the long side.

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