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Black Iron Oxide 1 Oz

Black Iron Oxide 1 Oz
Black Iron Oxide 1 Oz
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Black Iron Oxide 1 oz

Iron Oxides are pigments that are very widely used in all kinds of applications from technical uses to common personal care and cosmetic uses like face powders, foundations, blushes, eyeshadows, salt and sugar scrubs. It is also great for making soaps and perfect for using in the swirl soaps too.

Black Iron Oxide is particularly useful as it is so helpful in creating particular shades and tints. It is dispersible in water and oil . Care must be taken to mix using high shearing force to get it to blend. (Use a stick blender for best results.)

For dry applications, simply mix with the base clay or powder or other dry medium.

Typical Usage: Just a 1/2 oz will tint / color about 22 lbs of a product depending on the tint / intensity of the color you want. It is advisable to add a very small amount at a time until you get your desired result.

Colors can be mixed together to create new colors.

Oxides are stable under typical pH ranges. Oxides have excellent light stability and are stable under normal pH ranges.

The shade characteristic of an iron oxide is known as an undertone. The red and black oxides may have either a blue or yellow undertone. By tinting with talc or titanium dioxide, a formulator can easily determine the undertone of an iron oxide.

One caution - When you use black iron oxide or yellow oxide, do not expose the oxides to prolonged high temperatures at or above 300 degrees F. Black will break down to a brown shade and the Yellow has a tendency to drift to a red.

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