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Tetrasodium EDTA Liquid Versene 100 - 4 Oz

Tetrasodium EDTA Liquid Versene 100 - 4 Oz
Tetrasodium EDTA Liquid Versene 100 - 4 Oz
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Tetrasodium EDTA Solution

Typical 39%

Trilon B Liquid, Dissolvine E-39,Sequestrene 100

Tetrasodium EDTA Liquid Solution of Tetrasodium EDTA

Liquid Solution of Tetrasodium EDTA a versatile and widely used form of EDTA. Tetrasodium EDTA is a chelating agent often utilized in all kinds personal care products, detergents, and cleaners to control metal ions across a very broad spectrum and pH range.

Chelates improve effectiveness, stability, hard water performance, rinsability, and shelf life of formulations.

DOW Versene 100 can also be used to neutralize Carbomer, or raise the pH of personal care formulations while increasing effectiveness.

Please see the PDF for information on chelant capability in order to determine the quantity required for your application. Selecting the quantity is too product dependant for us to list a usage amount.

We also sell Gallons, 5 Gallon pails and Drums. Email me for pricing.

Please email me if you need assistance in identifying the ions that need chelating, or calculating the quantity to use in your formulation.

This is for the 4 Oz size, if you purchase two (8 Oz) the price break will show up in the cart automatically.

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