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Lanolin Anhydrous 50 Lb

Lanolin Anhydrous 50 Lb
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Pure, top quality Anhydrous Lanolin is used in a wide assortment of products from balms, to salves, nipple cream, bars of soaps, moisturizing creams and skin protectants and even leather working. It has a wide range of uses because it is a very versatile and valuable additive and base for so many applications. It is a great moisturizer and a great skin protectant.

Lanolin is the the best, and probably the original all natural skin protectant, moisturizer and water repellant! Straight from nature!

50 Lb Lanollin

Pure Top Quality Lanolin.

Lanolin is a natural wax secreted by the skin of all wool bearing animals. Lanolin, also known by the terms "wool wax," or wool grease, " has been used by humans for ages, and the chief use of lanolin is for natural skin protection and waterproofing since pure anhydrous lanolin has excellent innate natural waterproofing and protective properties.


LANOLIN use in all types of soaps, creams, lotions, salves and other personal skin care products.

Melting point 40-48 deg. C / 104-118.4 deg.F SAP value 80-120. Characteristics: Characteristic thick, pale yellow to brownish gold / yellow.

Lanolin is a product of sheep oil from wool. It is a water-absorbing base material and a natural emulsifier. Lanolin absorbs and holds water to the skin.

50 Lb Value Choose 2 for 100 Lb

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