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Kosher Glycerin 5 Gallon

Glycerin Vegetable 5 Gallon
Glycerin Vegetable 5 Gallon
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Glycerin 100% Vegetable Derived and Sourced Glycerin

Best quality at Best Prices.

All natural, Vegetable Based, pure Glycerin.

Palm Based Glycerin

A clear, water white, syrupy, viscous liquid. A valuable cosmetic ingredient as a benign solvent or carrier for actives. Also used as a humectant, lubricant, emollient.

We ONLY SELL 100% PURE Water White clear vegetable derived GLYCERIN

Our glycerin is edible, (sweet taste) & warming to the skin. , fantastic as a carrier in active ingredients. Other uses include- uses in the tattoo industry as a carrier for pigments.

Recommended use level for lotions and creams is 2-7%.

Typically Ships via Ground, or pick up in Conway AR

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