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Citric Acid Fine Granular 50 Lb Bag

Citric Acid Fine Granular 50 Lb Bag
Citric Acid Fine Granular 50 Lb Bag
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Citric Acid Fine Granular

Best Quality Citric Acid for all your bath bombs, hobbies, crafts, pH adjustment, and so much more.

Top quality and used in a wide variety of uses in manufacturing, business, industry, or hobby needs.

Pure Citric Acid at the Best prices, and best shipping prices.

50 Pound Bags. The more you buy the more you save. We sell a bag to pallets to truck loads of top quality fine granular citric acid

Excellent for all types of applications. Whether you are using citric acid for a chemical process, food additive, or any number of other applications, our top quality citric acid should fit your need.

Soaps: Citric acid chelates metals in water and gives soap better performance.

With Citric, cleansers produce lather and work better without need for as much water softening (salt, soda ash etc..).

In Fizzies and Bath Bombs: Combine with sodium bicarb / baking soda to make fizzy bombs for your bath.

Candy making- Citric provides a sour taste.

FCC (Food Chemical Codex fine Granular.

Chemical Formula: C6H8O7

Citric Acid 50 Lb Bags - from 1 Bag to Pallets to truck loads

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