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Castor Oil POE 40 Ethoxylated Castor Oil 1Gallon

Castor Oil POE 40 Ethoxylated Castor Oil 1 Gallon
Castor Oil POE 40 Ethoxylated Castor Oil 1 Gallon
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Castor Oil POE 40 Ethoxylated Castor Oil

1 Gallon or choose four (4) and receive the 4 x 1 gallon case and price break. Price break will show up in cart.

PEG 40 Castor Oil is vegetable based, thick semi-solid. PEG 40 ethoxylated castor oil helps to solubilize oils into water. Depending on your application(s) POE 40 Castor Oil ethoxylate might find uses in a wide variety of your formulations.

Often used in Fragrance based formulations, liquid soaps, bubble baths, shampoos, body washes and shower gels, lotions, creams, facial cleansers, cosmetics to solubilize oils and fragrance oils.

Ethoxylated Castor oil POE 40 is often used as a surfactant, emulsifier, and solubilizer. Ethoxylated Castor oil (POE 40 ) has so many functional ares in addition it is useful as a solubilizer of fragrances, extracts, and perfumes. Industrial applications, POE 40 castor oil finds uses as a dispersant and even a lubricant. Uses in Cleaning, and textile applications too.

Whether you are looking for a fragrance solubilizer - PEG 40 Castor Oil Ethoxylate is the go-to one , cleaning formulations for textiles, and metalworking formulations as well.

Non-ionic. Compatible with non-ionic, anionic, and cationic ingredients and products.

Derived from natural vegetable derived castor oil.

Often added in a liquid and warmed or heated phase since it is a viscous ingredient

Appearance: Off white / tan slightly Hazy Liquid

Cloud Point: 185F (85.0C)

CAS # 61791-12-6

Use: Can be added to formulas as is.

For external use only.

PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil

Picture for illustration only. POE Castor Oil is a hazy amber liquid.

Synonyms: 40 Mol Castor Oil Ethoxylate, 40 Mol Ethoxylated Castor Oil, Castor Oil Ethoxylate POE 40, EMULPHOR EL 719, PEG 40 Castor Oil

Technical Information:

HLB Value: 13

Cloud Point: 185F (85.0C)


Hazy Amber Liquid

8.9 Pounds per Gallon

Pour Point is 56 F (13 C)

Soluble in Water

Foam Characteristics: Low Foam

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